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At Bestway we employ well qualified and experienced staff to ensure that required standards of job performance are met. At the same time, we realise that for the work force to perform at their optimum level regular training and up gradation of their knowledge and skills are essential.

Our Training Department achieves this goal through carefully thought out and elaborate training programs. These programs cover a wide spectrum of training and development needs of the entire work force starting from basic communication skills to development of best operational techniques, practices and managerial skills. The Training Department’s role is to plan, organise, coordinate and conduct both in-house and out sourced courses, seminars and workshops. Besides utilising the most experienced officers of the Company, the services of well known experts and trainers in the relevant disciplines are utilised for conducting various courses.  The Company also sends staff for relevant training courses to various reputed training organisations like Pakistan Institute of Management (PIM), National Productivity Organization (NPO), National University of Science & Technology (NUST). Staff is actively encouraged to also pursue professional development and career enhancement independently.

A comprehensive and well organised training program is also in place for fresh graduates from Engineering Universities and apprentices to provide them with intensive on-the-job training. This program was initially started to train high quality engineers for employment within the Company. In cognizance of the dire need of skilled engineers and acute shortage of training opportunities for fresh engineers and technicians in the country, Bestway decided to expand its training program and it currently imparts training on a regular basis to a large number of engineers and technicians who, after completion of their training move on to successfully pursue careers with other organisations within and outside Pakistan. Bestway views this as an essential component of its social responsibility.


Bestway Cement Limited as part of its training program and to meet the future requirements of staff hires fresh young Graduate Engineers, Diploma Holders and Matriculates to train them in their respective fields in different departments as Trainee Engineers / DAE Apprentices / Matriculate Apprentices. On successful completion of the training, the Trainees / Apprentices are inducted in the respective department against the vacant posts as regular employees on merit.


Candidates possessing the relevant educational qualifications and meeting the age criterion may apply on the prescribed form for the following training / apprenticeship programme. Candidates are selected on merit by a committee on the basis of written tests and interviews. Date of test and interview is communicated to the candidates at their mailing addresses.

Selected candidates are inducted against vacant posts of Trainees and Apprentices in different departments.


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  1. The newly inducted Trainee Engineers / Apprentices are imparted theoretical knowledge as well as practical training about their relevant trade skills.
  1. Training /Apprenticeship program comprises of 75 % practical training on the job and 25% theoretical instructions.
  1. Diploma holder Apprentices are also required to attend training workshops at Govt. Technical Institutes.
  1. Books, uniforms, stationery items are provided by the company.


Performance of Trainees /Apprentices is evaluated on quarterly basis. Tests are conducted after completion of each training session.
Trainees / Apprentices are also subjected to Final Test / Interviews on completion of required training / apprenticeship period.


Trainees / Apprentices after successful completion of their training / apprenticeship period and on the basis of final test / interview are offered employment against vacant positions if any in their respective field on merit.

If there is no vacancy available, the Trainees / Apprentices are relieved and a certificate is issued to them for successfully completing training / apprenticeship programme in their respective field.

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