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Environmental Protection

We at Bestway Cement Limited utilize every step to conserve environment and to up lift the socio–economic conditions of local inhabitants.

Water Conservation

Water is used in a limited quantity in our plant because cement is produced by dry process. In the production process, water is used for cooling purpose (Cooling of Bearings, compressor jackets, Conditioning Tower, Mills etc.). We have a closed circuit cooling water system. Water is recycled by passing through a cooling tower so that it is used again and again. There is no waste water from the process which could be disposed outside the factory.

Sewerage Treatment Plant

For the sewerage generated in the plant, we have installed a sewerage treatment plant. The treated water is stored in specially constructed concrete tanks inside the factory area. This water is used for irrigation of green lawns, orchids, vegetables and other plantations within the factory area, not only for self consumption of fruits and vegetables but also to create an aesthetically laid out landscape and environment. It is a ground reality that not even a single drop of treated sewerage water flows into the near by ponds or the surrounding lands.

We have built a fresh water (Potable water) source by installation of a tube well for locals of our neighboring Tatral village. Previously, they were dependent on only one water reservoir “Kerala Walee Bun” for themselves and their animals. Now that water reservoir is used only for cattle and wild life while the tube well installed by us is providing drinking water for human beings.

Dust Collection System

The BCL plants are equipped with best technology of dust collection system having combination of Bag Filters and Electrostatic Precipitators. As many as 57 Bag Filters have been installed in the Chakwal plant on different locations in addition to the two large Electrostatic Precipitators. Mustehkam Cement Plant is equipped with 41 Bag Filters in addition to the two Electrostatic Precipitators. Similarly, our Hattar Plant has two Electrostatic Precipitators in addition to the 24 Bag Filters. The dust emission remains much below the International Standard of 50 mg/NM3.

EPA teams have been visiting our Plant sites on regular basis to monitor the environmental protection measures and to collect samples. Subsequent test reports revealed the fact that we are operating far below the NEQS.

Self Assessment Audits

We are regularly conducting self assessments of the environmental conditions in our plants. In addition, we get environmental audit done annually by an independent consultant.

Control of Noise Pollution

Almost all the equipment contributing to high noise level are confined in concrete structures and individual machines are equipped with Silencers in order to remain within the NEQS. The ground vibration on account of drilling and blasting remains at our Raw Material Quarries well within the prescribed Limits. Any fugitive dust is controlled by continuous operation of two water bowsers which sprinkle water on the roads.

Environmental protection of the mining area is carried out under the Mining Concession Rules and is regularly monitored by the Mining Authorities.


Grassy Plots

About 8 acres of land have been converted into several grassy plots within the factory boundaries and a large number of flowering shrubs have also been planted in these plots.

Road Side Plantation

A large number of plants have been planted along roadsides within the factory area to keep neat and clean environment. It also helps to dampen the sound level.

Hill Plantation

The small hillocks existing within the boundary walls have also been planted with forest plants. Although it was a tough job but has been completed with success in order to create better environment.

Fruit Orchards

A variety of fruit plants have also been planted at the Plant sites. This will also help to keep the area green in addition to producing the fruits.

Many varieties of trees have so far been planted in thousands at BCL Plants as enlisted below:

a. Forest Plants:

  • Pine
  • Poplar
  • Sukh Chain
  • Maple
  • Jackranda
  • Shesham

b. Fruit Trees:

  • Metha
  • Peach
  • Plum
  • Apricot
  • Fig
  • Pomegranate

c. Ornamental Plants:

  • Roses
  • Hibiscus
  • Erythrism
  • Jasmine
  • Muirraya
  • Araucaria
  • Magnolia
  • Amaltas
  • Durranta

Waste Heat Recovery Power Plant

Bestway Cement Limited is establishing a Waste Heat Recovery Power Plant having a capacity of 15 MW at it’s Chakwal Plant. This will contribute positively to environmental protection. This system also conforms to the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) Project. As Waste Heat Recovery Power Generation consumes no fuel, there is no greenhouse gas emission in the process. In the mean time, the dust emission and temperature of discharged flue gas will be further lowered.

Needless to mention that BCL Management is well aware of the importance of the Environmental Protection and our commitment for environment protection may be assessed from our acts of the massive plantation done at our various sites, establishment of water treatment plant and house keeping.

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